Ansuini Diamond Center comes from Ansuini’s experience, being a professional dealer in the world of diamonds for more than 150 years.

Ansuini Diamond Center is the center of diamond purchases that encompasses trust and reliability. If you want to diversify your funds and purchase a safe haven, or if you want to sell your diamonds Ansuini Diamond Center guarantees you certainty and confidence, because it is known on the diamond market since 1860.

Located in Rome, the Diamond Center premises are in Palazzo Massimo, the historical site of the Maison Ansuini.

Here you can directly meet with members of the Ansuini family who will give you the best advice on the world of diamonds.



The diamond market is growing, and has grown significantly in recent years.

Unlike gold, diamonds have a more constant trend. Their value has resisted the economic collapse of 2001, the deep financial crisis of 2008, the currency crises for the possible default of the euro, and will successfully pass the post COVID-19 economic crises.

Diamonds are an excellent portfolio diversification tool and efficiently play their role as a safe haven.

The advantages of buying diamonds as a safe haven are: the lack of correlation with the economic and financial performance; they are easy to carry and to conceal (you can compare the value of 1 kg of gold with that of a brilliant 1.5 carat and grams equals 0.40 grams); they are easy to cash all over the world; they can be given as security for a loan; a pledge or guarantee; they are exempt from taxes on inheritance and capital gains.

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Ansuini Diamond Center assists you in the selection and purchase of your safe haven.
All diamonds offered respect the UN resolutions of provenance and the Kimberley Process. They are delivered with the worldwide recognized major gemological institutes certificates and sealed in special envelopes.
Diamonds prices are updated and published on the site. Ansuini Diamond Center guarantees the utmost professionalism even to those who want to sell their diamond, providing the necessary assistance and advice


Ansuini diamonds are conflict free. Ansuini Diamond Center, joines the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), the Protocol establishing the production control requirements and the trade in rough diamonds to ensure that profits from their business are not used to fund civil wars and conflicts.



Ansuini Diamond Center delivers the diamond anywhere you want. Shipment, insured for the full value, is carried out with armed guards and special vans to provide the necessary guarantees of security and reliability. From € 150 per Italy.



In special time lock safes and with special surveillance equipment, your diamonds can be kept at our office, with fire and theft insurance for the value of the stone and on payment of an annual fee from 2% of the value of the diamond.



Ansuini Diamond Center provides help to get your diamonds certified by international gemological institutes.